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Contributing to Refinery

You can clone the refinery repository from GitHub at If you want to contribute code, we recommend forking the repository on GitHub so that you can submit a pull request later.

Required tools

Refinery is written in Java and TypeScript. To build Refinery, you’ll need a Java 21 compatible Java Development Kit (JDK). We recommend the Adoptium Java 21 JDK or the Amazon Corretto Java 21 JDK.

Compiling Refinery

To build Refinery, run the command

./gradlew build

in the cloned repository.

This should complete without any compilation errors.

If you get any errors about the JVM version, check whether the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the location of JDK 21. You can query the variable with


To set the JAVA_HOME environmental variable, use

export JAVA_HOME=/java/path/here

If the build fails with a Host name must not be empty error, you might need to remove the empty proxy configuration from your global file.

For further information, see the supported build commands and the instructions for setting up an IDE.