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An efficient graph solver for generating well-formed models


Diverse graph generation

Refinery provides a framework for the automated generation of graphs.

Model with uncertainty

Partial modeling allows us to explicitly represent unknown or uncertain knowledge in our models. The Refinery framework enables us to explore design alternatives systematically.

Formal logic reasoning

Refinery combines the mathematical precision of formal logic structures with the expressiveness of graph-based models. Underlying solver algorithms ensure formal correctness and completeness of generation processes.

Advanced web-based editor

Designers are supported with state-of-the-art web-based editors with advanced IDE features and visualization techniques. The framework can be applied as a simple command-line interface program or deployed on the cloud.

Powerful graph algorithms

Refinery is equipped with powerful algorithms such as incremental query evaluation, efficient graph isomorphism checking, and version-controlled data structures to solve various modeling and graph processing problems.

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Related publications

Tool demonstration

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Partial model specification language

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Diverse and realistic graph generation

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Consistent graph generation techniques

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Correctness proofs

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